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For 12 years, we’ve been helping people out of unmanageable debt and back on their feet.
We’ve been around the block, experience has given us all the tools in our arsenal.
Our proprietary debt negotiation strategy is why we are the best in the business and why we’ve helped
thousands of businesses avoid bankruptcy thus keeping them in business and their employees employed.

It is said that one can only truly be great at the things they love. We love what we do…And it shows.
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Reduce your monthly unsecured business debt payments by up to 80%


Business Loans have the potential to impact a business’s cash flow. If you have taken multiple loans and fear bankruptcy, we can analyze your current situation and work out a tailored and affordable solution that can help resolve a myriad of loan consolidation issues.


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“I was paying on my corporate credit cards and vendor debt and it seemed like the balances were barely going down. I needed a solution to my unmanageable debt. I am now enrolled in Settle My Loan’s program and not struggling anymore financially.”

— William, Florida


“I felt like I would never get my business credit card and merchant cash advance payments caught up once I got behind. Settle My Loan was not only courteous and professional, they were also very knowledgeable about the entire debt restructuring process.”

— Jamie, Virginia

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